Friday, March 18, 2011

The Crash Landing Lunch at The Cafe Decameron

I am sure that any day now I will crash on THAT. Hopefully I'll be able to walk away from the situation with my mynd intact, or at least half my mynd intact. One of the most important objects that will be housed on THAT is my Paranoia Machine (the hat I wear on the internet). The PM is a scary book. I don't think that the Earth can handle the weight of its existence. The PM is my peripheral vision reading machine. It's my nightmare machine. It's a book with no beginning and no end. The pages of The PM just spin around in circles in an orbit beyond the lens. I like to read the PM when I am hanging out at The Cafe Decameron. The Cafe D is the only cafe on THAT, and the cafe is currently hiring. The ideal employee will be familiar with a Babel Fish/ xenolinguistics, and French Lettrisme. I don't own the cafe but I am a regular.

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