Monday, March 21, 2011

Tools = Beer

I suppose that I'll need some tools to create my planet, my hands and my mind are a given necessity. I own some general carpentry and plumbing tools but will have a definite need for electronic and computer repair tools. Dental and surgical tools are important too, as are chef's tools. I will also need beer making tools, because without beer, what's the point?! In fact, I will need flowers and bees, and honey to brew meed. I'll need grapes for wine. Alcohol will get the action moving. I imagine Earth will supply most of the initial resources to get planet THAT going, after which the plan is to become entirely self sufficient. The power for planet THAT will be solar power supplied by the sun. I'll need Oceans, sky, robots, dirt, metal, computers, sand, movies, and bicycles. Cars and TV will be off the list , because I want to see if I can live without them. I currently own a car but no TV. To make $ to get THAT off the ground, the plan is to write asemic scripts to direct the action on Earth. Asemic writing is an essential component for the entire project. I'll tell more about it soon!

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