Thursday, March 17, 2011

A reason

The concept for designing a planet has been with me for a few years. I have been a fan of science fiction films since I first saw Star Wars in the theater in the 1970's. The next day after seeing the film my brother was born. Life on multiple planets would definitely make things more interesting, so why not begin by expanding into our own solar system, or better yet begin in a pure state of consciousness. The universe is a complex place, and it's hard to get your name out into the world, though there is probably more to life then fame anyway, or maybe not.

Money for funding this project will come from somewhere. Maybe I'll sell a few books, or get a job as a janitor. My first dilemma, or choice, is to decide if THAT should be a flat planet or round planet. It could also exist as both. I think I'll let my computer decide.

Size is another issue. I am thinking that THAT should fit in a pocket.

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